Apple fires engineer after daughter's iPhone X hands on video goes viral

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According to a video posted today, Apple has fired an engineer named Ken Bauer after his daughter posted a hands-on video about the iPhone X on YouTube. The daughter goes by the name of Brooke Peterson. Apple requested that Brooke take down the video, and while she did comply immediately with the company's desires, it was removed from the site well after the clip went viral.

Keep in mind that this was more than just a leaked iPhone X. This was an iPhone X that belonged to an Apple employee and the video revealed special QR codes on the phone that might have been for sensitive eyes only. A notes app showed possible code names of future Apple projects. By posting the video, Brooke left Apple no choice but to fire her dad. Otherwise, it would be sending the wrong message about security at Cupertino. Certainly the engineer should have known not to allow his daughter to have access to the device. Maybe it is not a perfect analogy, but you wouldn't expect a cop to allow his kid to play with his gun.

Brooke posted a follow-up video, which you'll find at the top of the story. In it, she explains how she filmed the hands-on in the Apple cafeteria and claimed that she had no subscribers at the time she released it. Basically, it was done "for fun" because she likes making YouTube videos. While she says that she had no idea that it was a violation, she also notes that her dad takes full responsibility for the events that transpired.

source: BrookeAmeliaPeterson

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