Apple files patent applications related to using the Digital Crown on the iPhone and iPad

Apple files patent applications related to using the Digital Crown on the iPhone and iPad
The Digital Crown is the innovative tool that Apple created so that Apple Watch users could zoom in and out on the watch screen in place of the multi-touch "pinch and zoom." The latter obviously was not a workable solution for users of the timepiece. Zooming all the way in on an app using the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch, will launch it. Pressing the crown afterward will take you back to the home screen. The Digital Crown also allows certain apps to scroll up and down on the display.

Last summer, Apple filed a patent application for the use of a Digital Crown on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Continuing with this thought, Apple has now filed a pair of patent applications (20160378187 and 20160378189) that explain the advantages of using a Digital Crown on these products. One part of the application showed the Digital Crown working in tandem with an "interface cube." The crown would be able to rotate the cube allowing the user to read whatever is written on each side of it.

The new patent applications also mention adding haptic feedback to the Digital Crown. This allows the user to know that he/she has interacted with the device in some way.

via PatentlyApple, RedmondPie



1. matistight

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37. Klinton

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What, what, what, what, what is this huge round thing on the first picture????????

44. SmartPhoneMobiles

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jog dial

2. Nopers unregistered

What purpose could this even serve?

6. tedkord

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If Steve Jobs were still alive, I'd think this was positioning to claim dialing of any kind on a smartwatch as an apple patent, and go after Samsung for their rotary bezel.

15. cnour

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Very smart comment. Keep it up.

25. tedkord

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It was, because I know Apple's history under Jobs. I know about the slide to unlock patent, based on an idea stolen from Neinode, and written in such a nebulous way so as to include any gesture on a touchscreen coupled with an animation. This is what led Apple to claim, in a lawsuit, that a tap was just a zero length slide, therefore tapping an icon to unlock violated their patent.

32. Mxyzptlk unregistered

It's not April 1st. It's January 1st.

33. NoToFanboys

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Yet here you are.

34. Mxyzptlk unregistered

You're just as predictable as the BlackBerry cheerleader.

36. NoToFanboys

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Not as predictable as you, Apple priest.

39. meanestgenius

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41. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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42. meanestgenius

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