Apple files patent application for Retina display on video glasses

Apple files patent application for Retina display on video glasses
Apple has been fiddling around with video glasses since 2006 B.I. on the Silicon Valley calendar (that's B.I. as in before iPhone). Back as early as that year, Apple was messing around with the idea of video glasses and even received a patent. Earlier this month, the Cupertono based firm was awarded a second patent on the project. Now, the USPTO has received an application from Apple for a method to deliver Retina display quality images to video glasses using a single lens.

If the design looks strange to you and you're telling your buddies that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing this, relax. The important thing to understand here is that this is not a design patent which means the final product should look a lot different. What Apple is seeking to protect is the concept of using some delivery method to send a Retina display quality image to video glasses. The patent application was filed January 20th, 2011 and the invention is credited to one Edward Craig Hyatt who assigned it to Apple.

source: USPTO via PatentlyApple


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