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Apple discontinues iPad 2, replaces it with Retina display (iPad 4th gen) model


Today, Apple has finally discontinued the iPad 2 on its official website, replacing it with the iPad with Retina display (4th generation) model. The iPad 2 used to be sold as the lower-cost, $399 alternative to the iPad Air, a price tier that is now taken by the Retina iPad. Currently, Apple is only selling a 16GB version of the iPad with Retina (at the aforementioned $399 price), with no expanded storage models on sale yet, but you can also get a cellular model of the 4th-gen iPad for $529.

The second-generation iPad seemed like a strange low-cost alternative to the iPad Air from the onset, as it was a few generations older - after all, Apple released the iPad 2 way back in 2011. So it’s only logical to finally see such an old product retired.

The Retina iPad also comes with the one important technological benefit - it is using the new Lightning to USB cable. Thus, by introducing this Retina iPad in lieu of the iPad 2, Apple is moving one step closer to a portfolio of mobile devices that are using only the Lightning cable. The only remaining device (that is still on sale) using the old, 30-pin Apple connector is the iPhone 4s, but - with the recent introduction of the 8GB iPhone 5c - Cupertino might be preparing to retire that last survivor as well.

Finally, if you want to get the $399 iPad with Retina, you can just hit the source link right below - it ships in just 24 hours.

source: Apple Store via TheVerge
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