Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive talks about his love-hate relationship with Steve Jobs (memorial service video)

Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive talks about his relationship with Steve Jobs
Last Wednesday there was a private memorial service for Steve Jobs on Apple's campus. Among Norah Jones and Coldplay performances we saw people like Al Gore taking the stage and sharing their thoughts on Apple's long-time inspirational leader. 

One of the speakers who chimed in was Jonathan "Jony" Ive, the man behind all things Apple design, who spoke about his love-hate relationship with Steve Jobs. 

At the speech held on Apple's campus he had only good things to say about the process, and his participation at the event was the most moving and heartfelt. Here are his words at the memorial service, the recording of which we are embedding in a video below:

In Steve Jobs's biography, however, he says that he was often a bit miffed about how SJ shot down some of his ideas at first, but then at presentations talked about them as if they were his own. Designing is all about ideas, so it must have been unnerving for Jony Ive to see one of his close friends behave like this:

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Jony Ive, however, was well aware that Steve's strongest point was the ability to drive through the clutter of ideas, pick and choose the ones that fit Apple's vision and dismiss others, even great ones, in order to create the coherent experience that is now across Apple's products. Ultimately, his vision made Apple the largest company in the world by market cap. 

Jonathan Ive thought that portraying Steve Jobs as the only idea man of the company can ultimately hurt Apple, and now he has the chance to prove it wasn't so, so CEO Tim Cook better do all in his powers to keep him on board. Not that there is an abundance of places at the same level he could go anyway. His speech starts about 48 minutes into the video below.

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