Apple allows two fake Halo 4 apps to be sold in the App Store

Apple allows two fake Halo 4 apps to be sold in the App Store
Getting an app approved and listed on the Apple App Store in an arduous process. Yet, two obviously fake Halo 4 apps made it through to actually go on sale for $4.99 each on the App Store. While both had an icon that would seem to represent the wildly popular Microsoft game, showed screenshots of the real thing and had a metadata description of Halo 4, what you were purchasing for nearly $5 was a chess game or a racing title. Neither game would be worth the money that you might have been rooked out of.

Each Halo 4 app also featured a number of 5 star reviews. Actually, to be precise, there were 206 reviews with an average 4.5 stars. How could something like this escape the watchful eye of Apple not just once, but twice? We do have to note that Apple has removed the fake Halo 4 apps, but not before some people spent $4.99 for something that they did not receive.

source: MacMixing, CultofMac via Gizmodo


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