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Apple actively discussing how to spend its McDuckian cash pile

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Apple actively discussing how to spend its McDuckian cash pile
Last month, we brought you an infographic that showed just how obscene Apple's cash reserves are, and now it looks like the company may actually be on the verge of using that money for something. At Apple's annual investor meeting on Thursday, CEO Tim Cook admitted that swimming in Apple's Scrooge McDuck-like cash pool is getting boring. 

Actually, Cook said that Apple has more money than it needs to run the company, which is by no means a surprise, but is a welcome admission from Apple's new CEO. Apple currently has about $100 billion in cash reserves, and Cook said that the board is having "active discussions" about what to do with that money, adding that "The board and management team are thinking about this very deeply.”

This doesn't mean that Apple will spend that money, or how it would spend it if it does, but there is a lot that can be done with $100 billion, so the possibilities alone are pretty staggering. In all likelihood, the company will just spend a portion of the cash, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun imagining what Apple could do. We kind of like the idea of a lasting gesture, like Apple buying an island that's visible from space, say Southampton Island in Canada, and shaping it into the Apple logo. 

What do you guys think Apple should do with the cash? And, please let's just have fun, we don't want a bunch of annoying comments that are just bashing Apple. 

source: Bloomberg via BGR

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