Apple Watch now compatible with US Cellular and C-Spire, released with half-price deal

Apple Watch now compatible with US Cellular and C-Spire, released with half-price deal
Well, we can't say "it didn't take long" for this development, but Apple has listed its LTE Watch as compatible with the largest regional carriers/MVNOs in the US, like the 5th-biggest - US Cellular - or the 6th-largest, C-Spire. 

These two come right after Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in terms of subscribers, and Apple is apparently now finished with all the prerequisites for uploading the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE version to their portfolio.

Despite its name, US Cellular has been selling only the non-cellular version of the Apple Watch so far, but it's evidently now offering the LTE model, too. C-Spire, on the other hand, even went out with a full support section and a big promo on the occasion of carrying the connected Watch. If you get a new iPhone 7 and up with a data plan from them, C-Spire will give you $200 off the price of the wearable, spread evenly in 24 monthly bill credits. 

The carrier offers the same conditions for Apple's Watch Series 3 LTE as all others - it costs $10/month to keep it connected to the network at all times, and the first three months of that service are free. That's in addition to what you will be paying in phone installments and eligible plans, of course, but it's nice to see a 50% discount on what is an otherwise $399+ Apple Watch at retail. Any takers?

source: Apple, C-Spire


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