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Apple Podcasts finally integrates subscriptions and channels

Apple Podcasts finally integrates subscriptions and channels
During their “Spring loaded” event, Apple announced that integration of in-app subscriptions and channels was coming to Apple Podcasts in May. Later, podcasters received information that the launch of the two features will be delayed until June. Well, here we are, it’s mid-June, and we finally got them.

Support your favorite creators

You can now subscribe with the press of one button and will have the opportunity to support the podcasts you enjoy the most. For your money, you could receive rewards and benefits such as ad-free episodes and additional content. What’s more, creators can give you early access to scheduled new episodes or to archived ones.

However, there is a noteworthy caveat here. Apple will take a 30% commission fee on all subscriptions meaning your support will only partially reach its intended beneficiary.

Thankfully, you will still be able to show your appreciation through services like Patreon, which offers much more flexibility for the creator to reward their fans. So at the end of the day, the Apple Podcasts app only serves as an additional source of revenue which can only benefit all parties involved.

Channels are here

As for channels, these are a way for the creator to bundle their shows together and give them a unique title, description, and artwork. The feature will be free for the podcasters whether they use subscriptions or not. As with shows, listeners can choose between free channels, channels with additional benefits, and paid channels.

Some large podcast networks like Wondery Plus and Luminary have partnered with Apple to make it easier for listeners to subscribe and get their paid shows with just the click of one button.

The big A definitely has more work to do until Apple Podcasts is flushed out and a complete platform, but it seems like it could really benefit the Podcast community in the future.
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