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Tim Cook: everyone at Apple Park got standing desks because sitting can kill you

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Tucked in Tim Cook's long interview with David Rubenstein where we learned that he is not running for president, was the gem of a revelation how Apple is going to fight the "new cancer," as the CEO called it once, i.e. sitting for a prolonged period of time. It turns out that, in the new flying saucer of an Apple campus, all employees got standing desks indeed. 

The effort is not without its merits, as recent studies show that folks who sit on a chair in an office all day have a greater chance of developing various chronic diseases down the road, and, yes, that includes cancer. Mum's the word on the type and brand of standing desks, yet there was a lot of guesswork on Twitter and armchair investigative journalism that showcases Apple's standing desks options. 

In addition, it turns out that Apple went with fairly uncomfortable chairs in order to encourage less sitting. It will surely be fun to watch all employees at the Cupertino campus rise up ten minutes to the hour, nudged by their Apple Watch, and raise smoothly their standing desks to keep doing what they were doing in an upright position. Cue the command line jokes, but do get up and walk around at least once in a while during the office day now, will ya?


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