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From Fox to Vox: Apple News vows impartial 2018 elections coverage section

From Fox to Vox: Apple News vows impartial 2018 elections coverage section
Apple announced today that it will be dedicating a special section in its News app for the 2018 Midterm Elections coverage. Not only will it feature exclusive content, but Apple says it will gun for impartiality, and cover the gamut of opinion pieces, from Fox News, to Vox or Politico.

The exclusive pieces are a dashboard developed in conjunction with Washington Post, called "Election Now," which will focus on primary race stats and polling in a digestible format, as well as a weekly briefing by Axios. The "Races to Watch" curation by Politico is also being developed exclusively for Apple. As per Lauren Kern, editor-in-chief of Apple News:

Besides a long list of general or more targeted pieces from various trusted publications on all sides of the political spectrum, Apple News will also run its own roundup called The Conversation, where a "full range of ideas and debate" on a topic du jour will be presented via a specially designed editorial collection. 

Last but not least, Apple will be zooming in with an element called "On the Ground," which will explore in depth local issues that are of importance for constituents in swing races. 

What do you think about Apple throwing its news coverage hat in the 2018 midterms political circus ring?

source: Apple


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