We'll be able to share from Apple Music to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories

We'll be able to share from Apple Music to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories
Sharing of content between apps has been a thing for quite some time, especially between music streaming and social media ones. But Apple Music fans haven't had the pleasure of being able to show the world which song they're rocking out to, via a Story post.

As reported by Neowin, a Portugese developer took to Twitter to announce that the iOS 13.4.5 beta allowed him to share music, albums and playlists to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

The video tweeted by the dev shows him playing a Taylor Swift song on Apple music. He then swipes up and taps the Share option, where among other apps is Instagram. When selected, an Instagram Story is automatically generated and shows up inside of the Instagram Stories editor.

What you get there is album art, the song's title and artist, and a small Apple Music logo. The entire process takes just a few seconds and seems to work without a hinch, despite this running on developer beta software.

To clarify, developer beta is pre-release software that's available only to developers who have signed up for it. It often contains new features and changes by Apple that haven't been completed yet, and may not even work. Once all the bugs are ironed out and each new feature is finalized, a version of iOS would become public and start rolling out to all the iPads and iPhones that support it.

It's not confirmed when the ability to share from Apple Music to Instagram and Facebook Stories will become available to all users, but we know it's going to come with a new iOS update soon. And taking into consideration the possible iPhone 9 (SE 2) launch sometime in late April, a new iOS update is likely to roll out around that time.


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