App Store is worth billions

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App Store is worth billions
We all know that App Store is bursting at the seams with whatever apps you might think. It´s certainly one of the major aces up Apple´s sleeve, but what we are amazed to find out is what a cashflow it generates. According to an AdMob´s recently announced figure, customers of the online store download software that´s worth $2.4bln per year. AdMod also compares it to the sales volume of Android Market that is currently estimated at the meager $60mln per year. There is a catch though - App Store is actively used by not only iPhone lovers, but iPod touch owners as well, although the former seem to be more active managing to generate revenues of nearly $125mln a month alongside of the $5mln reaped by Android app developers. Well, the whole thing adds up, since the iPhone is the most popular cell phone in the US and the service offered by AdMob is aimed at the same market, meaning these guys probably know what they are talking about. Moreover, it seems that half of all iPhone owners download at least one app per month, while this holds true for just 19% of Android fans. 

source: Gigaom



1. Vlondril

Posts: 91; Member since: Aug 22, 2009

wow...who knew?

2. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

wow good economy stimulator... Maybe I should get into the software business.... stupid economics degree... Just design stupid apps for Apple, RIM, Palm and Windows and charge like $3. Get a few thousand downloads each... assuming I get 20-40% from each sale... You could make a lot of money doing that... Thank you apple for making Apps more appealing and driving others to step it up... See i am not a complete apple hater, just their products, not their ideas.

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