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App Store hits 500,000 apps in 34 months

Posted: , by Victor H.

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App Store hits 500,000 apps in 34 months
App Store hits 500,000 apps in 34 months
Apple’s App Store has reached yet another threshold two months short of its third year anniversary: 500,000 approved apps. The last batch of apps was approved by Apple on Tuesday morning, bringing the number of applications to half a million, according to unofficial information obtained by CNN.

The number includes iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications, however the actual number of applications currently available for download is 20% less, or 400,000.

Some of those left out have aged, been updated or withdrawn after the initial approval. Much like Apple Stores in their dawn, the App Store was greeted with skepticism initially, but fast forward some three years to the current moment and it’s become an icon in app marketing.

To mark the first half million of applications, mobile app blog 148apps, search firm Chomp and game maker Chillingo have put together a huge infographic with all the milestones in the development of the App Store. Today’s iOS application landscape includes 85,569 unique developers, 37% of free apps and an average price of $3.64 per app.

The rest - as they say - is Angry Birds and history, which you can check out in the infographic on the right. So while we wait for Apple’s June 6th WWDC event and all the novelties it brings, we can bet that this will make it to the highlights there.

source: CNN Money, 500K Apps

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posted on 25 May 2011, 04:19 1

1. messiah (Posts: 438; Member since: 19 Feb 2010)

meh. one good app beats 400 thousand crapps

posted on 25 May 2011, 18:58

15. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

haha yup and thats precisely why the ios app store is good...

posted on 25 May 2011, 04:53 1

2. andro (unregistered)

a huge quantity of these apps of course being clones,wallpaper,ebooks or appallingly bad apps like fart apps and bacon farts apps etc.

Funny how apple and its idrones were stating that app quanity doesn't matter anymore with the stats showing the likes of the android market will surpass it withing 9 months and now these figures are being heralded. The fact that only 37% are free shows the milking of the fanboys is extensive!

posted on 25 May 2011, 06:04 1

4. clevername (Posts: 1436; Member since: 11 Jul 2008)

You point out Apples mere 37% of free apps like that's a small number. Di your math. That's about 150,000(ball park) apps. That's more than half of androids total app market. And last I checked Android only had 50% of the market free. That's only 125,000 free apps. Also if you ever pick up an IOS device, you'll know fart alps and their ilk have been weeded out. There aren't too many of those crap apps left. IOS also runs unreal engine 3. That makes for quality Android just can't touch. It also fully supports OpenGL. Android just has partial support. These things make IOS apps better.

posted on 25 May 2011, 06:35

5. XxVerbalxX (unregistered)

actually, last I read the android market was 62% free, which is more than Apples 150,000 when you do the math.

posted on 25 May 2011, 14:28

14. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

ios only runs UE3 because they ported it to the system. The iphone doesnt have some special magic under the hood that other phones dont. In fact, since samsung makes the phone and LG makes the screen (its basically a galaxyS with a smaller screen) there is nothing stopping Epic from porting it to android other than their will to do it.

posted on 25 May 2011, 07:23

7. Me (unregistered)

Thing is with Apple if you download an iPhone app it is going to work with an iPhone. With my Droid X and my Xoom the apps from the Android Market didn't all work, didn't work right, or didn't display right. For that one reason I use my iPhone more often. Hopefully the fragmentation of Android will be gone by the time my contract is up for renewal....

posted on 25 May 2011, 08:07

8. andro (unregistered)

Haha!! Android fans don't think they are cooler,thats the stereotypical apple buyer,'im so cool like....um everyone has one so their the best like' 'I have an iphone so im cool'

Android is the choice of people who think freely and don' get easily swayed by public perception and so fancy apple pr techniques and claims. Android phones don't carry the 'need to be cool' phenomenon.

After all listen back to apple pr mind washing techniques you'll see how often Steve jobs uses thew phrases 'this is cool' and 'this is what you want'

posted on 25 May 2011, 09:37

10. inino (unregistered)

Well lately i'm seeing the opposite effect,then tell me why do on every single news about ios,apple,iphone or the ipad fandroids trash or talk s**t about it???
When there is news about android or google everybody's like yeah that's so awesome or whatever...
andro you're so full of bull***t my friend i think you are being brainwashed right now by your slow lagging flash ads on your slow phone browser and widgets that you don't even use.
Then don't criticise every time that you see new stuff from apple that is by the way great.

posted on 25 May 2011, 13:42

13. Ultimatephonefreak (Posts: 20; Member since: 21 Jan 2011)

android browser is faster

posted on 25 May 2011, 11:48

11. TreyTreyTaylor (Posts: 709; Member since: 21 Dec 2010)

Man oh man, when they reach that mill they are gonna rub it in our faces. Oh well, the market is getting better with time.

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