Another Android 4.3 bonus: better Photospheres

Another Android 4.3 bonus: better Photospheres
One of our favorite features of Android is Photosphere imaging. Let's face it, panoramas are what your parents used to shoot, and Photospheres are flat out better. It's a 360 degree photo, there isn't much to dislike about that. Of course, Photospheres were a bit tough to master in Android 4.2, but they have gotten a big boost in Android 4.3.

Previously, it was quite awkward to get Photospheres right, there would be some jaggies or odd stitching, but the team behind the feature at Google have made some serious improvements. Evan Rapoport, a product manager at Google detailed the improvements on Google+, saying that the team has worked hard to improve alignment and stitching, so horizons are flatter and there are generally fewer errors throughout the image. Also, exposure correction has gotten a big boost to make the colors more even. 

We certainly can't wait to test it out (it's grey and rainy outside right now), but until then, here's a Photosphere that Rapoport shared. 

source: +Evan Rapoport via Droid Life

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