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Angry Birds/Star Wars mashup teased

Angry Birds/Star Wars mashup teased
Just when you thought that the respective franchises of Angry Birds and Star Wars couldn't possibly sell out more, it looks like they've decided to join forces in the effort to push every parent of a young child into bankruptcy. The first thought of many of you may be that this will make for an interesting game, like LEGO Star Wars, but we have to remind you that when Angry Birds and Star Wars are involved, this move is all about merch. 

The mashup is being teased via Rovio's official Angry Birds Tumblr and Twitter feeds, and as if to underline the fact that this is a merchandising deal, the big reveal is planned for October 8th at 10AM EST at Toys R Us in Times Square. In fact, there's no guarantee that this will be a game at all, but it seems likely that will at least be a small part of the overall strategy. 

Rovio has promised that "over the next few weeks we'll have behind-the-scenes content, animations, comics, and much, much more." We're trying to get more info, but more than likely we'll have to wait until Monday to see what this is all about. We have to admit that we are looking forward to an Angry Birds/Star Wars game, if only in the hope that there will be a Jabba the Hut piggie. However, we are definitely not looking forward to the toys, t-shirts, candy, etc that will inevitably also burst forth from this deal.

source: Rovio Tumblr & Twitter via The Verge
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