Angry Birds for Android is out of beta and is ready for the taking

Angry Birds for Android is out of beta and is ready for the taking
Well that didn't take long! For the many that have grown weary of reliving the same action with the beta version of Angry Birds for Android, there is great news because the full version of Rovio's immensely popular game is finally out of beta and is available in full version form.

Granted though, you'll be flipping birds all around with some ads coming into your field of view, it's not going to necessarily sway people from playing it. Although the word is out that the game is available through Get Jar, and some time later in the Android Market, it seems that the rush of excited gamers have overloaded GetJar's servers. Let's just hope that it gets corrected soon so that additional people can get their fix.

In addition, Angry Birds will even be playable on devices running Android 1.6 and up, however, handsets packing a QVGA display will be left out of the mix with this one.

source: GetJar via Android Central


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