Andy Rubin heads to the Android Developer's blog to discuss the latest about Android

Andy Rubin heads to the Android Developer's blog to discuss the latest about Android
With a fatherly pride, Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin penned some comments for the Android Developers Blog about the present and future of the Android OS. Rubin said that while manufacturers are free to make changes to Android to accommodate any "range of features", it is important to remember that, "Quality and consistency continue to be top priorities."

Rubin added that while Google does allow phones to be marketed as being compatible with Android, or having Google applications on board, there are a series of requirements that must be adhered to. Rubin also alluded to an "anti-fragmentation" program that has been in place since Android 1.0. He wrote that all members of the open Handset Alliance promised not to fragment the OS when it was first announced back in 2007.

Rubin added that currently, team members are working at bringing the Honeycomb features to Android handsets. When completed, the code will be published as Rubin stressed that Android remains an open source system.

If you have some time, go to the source link and check out Rubin's complete article. The piece gives you an idea of where Android stands and where it is going in the future.

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2. modoguru

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As a mobile developer of 10 years, who has witnessed first hand how badly mobile operators and OEMs will fragment a platform (J2ME, BREW) if given a chance, I applaud Google for trying to reign in oems and carriers. How ridiculous is it that Verizon and Samsung pre-load Bing onto their Android handsets and don't permit the owner of the handset to remove that crap. Who really thinks that is fair or right or good for end users? It is about time Google put a stop to that BS and started enforcing the terms of their license a little more aggressively. If they don't, everybody will loose, including the carriers (who only ever act in their own short sighted best interest).

1. Proprietary Android unregistered

Dear Google, Please make every OHA member create an optimized stock Android version for each device they release. Then allow users to switch to this optimized stock Android version in place of the OEM's proprietary version of Android via the market without voiding the warranty of the device, and then maintain updates for it so users will get updates and upgrades via Google asap. Please give the end user some freakin choice instead of letting the OEMs do whatever the hell they want and locking users into their proprietary version of Android which amounts to being the same as an iOS device. I would really like to have a choice when it comes to Android but I don't. The only Android device is the Nexus. All other devices claiming to be Android are not, they are "proprietary implementations of Android" and locked down just as tight as Apple's iOS--flashing a ROM = voiding the warranty just like iOS devices. Google, why don't you give a shit about the end users? Do you only care about OEMs? Please give the end user some choice instead of giving all the "openness" to the OEMs so they can lock Android down. Or I'll just be getting WebOS or an MS device next. Yours truly, An Android user that would like a little FREAKIN CHOICE!

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