Android's Matias Duarte takes to G+ for Q&A: "SD cards are confusing for users"

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Android's Matias Duarte takes to G+ for Q&A:
Android's UI chief Matias Duarte who recently said that the user interface is only a third where he wants it to be, went to Google+ taking questions, and even answering some.

The topics are, of course, the new Android 4.2 release, and the new Nexus devices that came along with it, the Nexus 4, 7 and 10. As you can easily guess, some of the most often-asked things are about the system buttons and status bar now consistent in Jelly Bean, as well as the lack of memory card slots in the new Nexus gear.

Here are his two lengthy answers so far, head over to G+ to ask what's on your mind, as he might still be answering some of the questions:

source: MatiasDuarte (G+)


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