Android will soon see LogMeIn Ignition remote connection client

Android will soon see LogMeIn Ignition remote connection client
Although iPhone users are already getting a taste of LogMeIn's remote connection client, Android users aren't too far off from experiencing the same thing. For those who have never used it, LogMeIn allows multiple users to connect to various computers over the internet to conduct meetings, trainings, support, and more. LogMeIn Ignition for Android will provide the same services with one-click access without a browser, the ability to access files & applications on remote computers, send & manage online collaborations, and IT professionals will be able to configure phones from a desktop to configure Exchange email. It really providers the user the power constantly stay in touch with work without having to worry about forgetting something on their computer – which can even make working from home a possibility for some. There is no word yet on when it's expected to be available, but you can sign up to receive email updates if you're really intent on potentially using it.

source: LogMeIn via Android Tapp


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