Android tutorial: how to send SMS messages from your Windows or Mac computer with MightyText

Android tutorial: how to send SMS messages from your Windows or Mac computer with MightyText
This short article will teach you how to send and view SMS messages from any computer using your Android smartphone as an intermediary.

Although emails and instant messaging apps are at the core of the smartphone concept, a recent study has found that the simple SMS - which stands for Short Messaging Service - remains, to this day, the most popular form of text-based communication among smartphone users.

As you'll inevitably find out, there are times when you might need to send SMS messages, also called text messages, despite the fact that more advanced forms of communication exist. As it turns out, SMS messages are not forever tied to the limited screen real estate of a smartphone. Instead, you can use a free app called MightyText to send SMS messages from the comfort of your Windows or Mac computer.

By the time we're done here, this trick will allow you to send SMS messages even if you forget your smartphone at home.

Before moving any further, it should be noted that, as far as your carrier is concerned, the text messages that you send using MightyText will originate from your Android smartphone. While some carriers only offer plans with unlimited SMS messages, this might not be the case for your respective carrier and plan. If your plan does not come with unlimited text messages, the ones you send from the web using MightyText will be counted towards your quota, or incur further charges.

The context has now been set. It's time to proceed to the fun stuff. First, we'll teach you how to set up MightyText, and then we'll show you how to send the texts.

Step 1. Install MightyText on your Android smartphone. Here's the Google Play link.

Step 2. When you first open the app, you'll be prompted to set up MightyText. Tap the "continue setup" button, and the app will provide you with a link that you should go to on your Windows or Mac.

Step 3. When you go to the link on your computer's Web browser, you'll have to allow MightyText to connect to the Google account that you use on your Android smartphone.

Step 4. The existing text messages on your phone will be synced to MightyText and will show up on your computer at the link provided at the previous step. To browse through the conversations, scroll in the middle panel. Clicking any discussion will bring up the detailed view in the right panel, which is where all the messages from/to a certain contact will appear.

Step 5. To create a new message, click the button that's intuitively called "New Message" in the left-hand panel, and a new window will pop up to the right of the screen. 

Step 6. Enter the number of the recipient in the To field of the new window. Note that the contacts have been synced to MightyText, and will properly show up in the web interface, so you can just start typing names if you don't know the phone numbers themselves.

Step 7. Write the message body and tap the arrow in the lower right side. This will send your message.

That's it, you now can send as many SMS messages as you want from your Windows or Mac computer.

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