Android gets an official Instagram account

Android gets an official Instagram account
One of the major rules of marketing is to go where the audience is, and in this day and age the audience is almost always on social media somewhere. As such, it's nothing new to see brands infiltrating every social feed you've got from Facebook to Snapchat to even Google+ if you still bother with that.

Of course, the major spots where you're most likely to find brands are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (though Snapchat is making a big push). So, not wanting to be left out, Google has created an official @Android account on Instagram and put up six images as its "Hello World" collage. Technically, it's four images and two videos, but that's really just so there is some minor animation like the Android bugdroid doing a little wave. 

You'll spot plenty of Google Android products in those six Instagram panels as well. There's a Google Pixel, a couple Nexus 6Ps, a Pixel C, a pair of Android Wear smartwatches, shout outs to Android Auto and Android Pay, and plenty of sweet treats. Not all versions of Android are referenced, but there is a donut, some jelly beans, lollipops, marshmallows and bits of nougat. 

We can't say for sure what Google plans to share on Instagram or how active the Android page will be, but it's there so you can follow it if you'd like. 

source: Instagram

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