Android claims 70% of the global smartphone market in 2012

Android claims 70% of the global smartphone market in 2012
According to the latest report by Strategy Analytics, the mobile industry sold about 700 million smartphones throughout 2012. As you can imagine, most of those, and by most we mean 68.4%, were Android-powered handsets. What about the rest? Well, iOS managed to take most of what's left with 19.4%, and the remaining 12.2% were shared between all the other mobile operating systems.

As you can imagine, Apple and Samsung have remained the top smartphone manufacturers of the world in 2012, both selling hundreds of millions of handsets. Of course, what's important is not the volume, but the revenue, and in this respect it is once again Apple and Samsung who are way ahead of the others. Interestingly, the mobile industry is starting to look more and more like a two-horse race, but not between Apple and Google, but between Apple and Samsung, because even Google isn't making as much from Android as does Samsung.

These latest statistics by Strategy Analytics also show that 2012 has been a year of a subtle slow-down for the growth of the mobile industry. While overall smartphone shipments grew by 64% in 2011, this percentage for 2012 was "just" 43. With such awesome handsets in store for us in 2013, though, we wouldn't be too worried about the future of the industry.

via: VentureBeat



1. gmracer1

Posts: 646; Member since: Dec 28, 2012

This makes me all warm and fuzzy.

9. Mxyzptlk unregistered

When you have the OS spread on thousands of devices across the world, it's not hard for the figures to be somewhat more inflated. In terms of profit, I don't think it'll match the statistics in the article.

13. andro.

Posts: 1999; Member since: Sep 16, 2011

Everywhere outside the US the iPhone has been getting twamped senseless by android. You maybe right the the profit stats would be different but that's because apple are quite uniquely blood thirsty for gouging profits from Ifans who as we have seen are quite willing to even sell internal organs to buy literally the same apple device over and over.

14. rf1975

Posts: 264; Member since: Aug 01, 2011

Yes, you are correct. But it is not because Android devices are better than iPhone. It is simply because of the price. In my area people can buy S3 for $495, but iPhone will cost $790.

16. mr.techdude

Posts: 571; Member since: Nov 19, 2012

No, u r not correct rf1975, android is much ,much bet ta then apples iPhone why well there's the flagship devices like the gs3, gnote 2, HTC one x/+, HTC DNA/butterfly these device put iPhone too sham cause there cheaper and clearly much more up-to-date in innovation and technology, how much is a 16 gig iPhone 5 hmmmmm..... 800 BUCKS where a much betta HTC one x/+ with a 64 gig is no more then $600 and u have the really cheap handsets considered as the low range devices, u see android is all about choices, if u want a high end handset u just get it and same to low range handset

18. oister85 unregistered

Where is that at

23. Nadr1212

Posts: 741; Member since: Sep 22, 2012

It's like we're living in the Industrial Revolution of Mobile Devices! Am I right or am I right? Seriously, though. =]

19. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Who cares about profit? Do you work for APPLE? I care about getting a good smartphone...iPhone is ok....but overpriced...I esp. dislike paying so much extra, or would, if I bought it, for the different amounts of memory storage.

22. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

I didnt know apple profit was a metric a user should be worried about that doesnt own apple stock. Otherwise that just means YOU ARE PAYING MORE AND GETTING LESS. Way to brag about that troll.

24. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

Profiteering more than industry average is called CHEATING. Don;t worry like everything else even the profit share will come down ... it just needs 2 or 3 more season of patent trolling by apple nothing else :)

2. D_Tech-tive

Posts: 104; Member since: Feb 12, 2012

Go android! This is what happens when you have variety of phones to choose from!

3. Aeires unregistered

Makes sense that an OEM would make more than the company that gives the OS out for free (not counting fees and whatnot). Android has been extremely good for Google, despite that.

4. imsickwithsmartphone

Posts: 153; Member since: Jan 28, 2013


5. AfterShock

Posts: 4147; Member since: Nov 02, 2012

Choice, is king.

6. Meleagru

Posts: 92; Member since: Dec 03, 2012

Linux is starting to win on all fronts.

7. Reluctant_Human

Posts: 914; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

I'm waiting for a Motorola Nexus then that might take a shift from Samsung v. Apple.

8. haney.alsaaidy

Posts: 18; Member since: Jan 29, 2013

Go on green robot

10. donfem

Posts: 708; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

All hail KingDroid..

11. CorianU

Posts: 27; Member since: Jan 22, 2013

I for one don't really care about their market share. Competition is key for the consumer to win in the end

12. zuckerboy

Posts: 898; Member since: Dec 22, 2011

time to switch to android

15. speckledapple

Posts: 902; Member since: Sep 29, 2011

Simply ungodly. And the only other OS to do that in recent times is Windows.

17. Martine

Posts: 102; Member since: Oct 20, 2011

"As you can imagine, Apple and Samsung have remained the top smartphone manufacturers of the world in 2012".... No Ray, Samsung remains the top manufacturer of 2012!

20. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

If people purchased a product based upon upon how advanced it was, then APPLE would probably sink into the lower single digits...

21. lubba

Posts: 1313; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

Old news posted on a daily basis.

25. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

12% for other os ... Ubuntu, Tizen, sailfish coming and this could increase further. Ubuntu is already a known name amongst ~20 million+ users of Ubuntu on desktop.

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