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Android app increases battery life on rooted models

Android app increases battery life on rooted models
Just the other day, we told you that the number one gripe amongst cellphone users is battery life. And with more top-shelf models designed to make the battery off-limits to consumers, phone owners are limited to either using an external battery charger to keep their device powered up, or installing an app to perform some magic.

The One Power Guard Pro is an app designed to increase battery life for rooted Android devices. The simplest solution that the app offers will increase the stand-by time of the cell powering a phone. The app will also decrease the time it takes to charge up your phone or tablet while increasing its battery life. Have you ever felt your handset get as hot as a fourth of July firecracker and then watch the battery drain at a rapid pace? One Power Guard Pro will protect your phone from these battery hogging apps. There are multiple power saving modes, one for 6 different scenarios.

This is the first battery saving app that takes care of business at the kernel level which explains why it is for rooted phones only. In the meantime, you can click on the video below for more information on the One Power Guard Pro.

source: OnePowerGuard via RedmondPie
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