Android app doubleTwist now features media streaming over Wi-Fi

Android app doubleTwist now features media streaming over Wi-Fi
Interested in a different way of showing off the photos and videos, that you took yesterday, with your Android-powered smartphone? How about streaming them to your HDTV straight from your device? Now you can by using AirSync, a newly introduced feature to the doubleTwist media player for Android.

The neat application enables streaming of video, audio, and photos from your smartphone to a Wi-Fi enabled computer or a gaming console by basically turning your Android device into a small, user-friendly media server. DoubleTwist's AirSync feature also allows you to wirelessly sync the files from your iTunes library with the media found on your Android smartphone once you install the desktop version to your computer.

We would just like to note, that 1080p video streaming may not be as smooth as you would expect it to be, as it would be pushing the boundaries of your home Wi-Fi connection. AirSync is available on the Android market as a paid upgrade to the free doubleTwist media player.

source: GigaOM


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1. hbk

Posts: 9; Member since: May 15, 2010

Seriously...did just label AirSync as "NEW". AirSync has been around for a long time. I swear these editor's they keep recruiting to write on their spare time are getting worse with every passing day. They also just finished putting out an article about Task Killers!?!? WTH! Task killers would have been nice for the old android software but now they are useless.

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