Android OS, like iPhone, has a kill switch

Android OS, like iPhone, has a kill switch
Remember the uproar that surrounded the news that Apple had a 'kill switch' installed in the iPhone - in other words, if you downloaded an application from the App Store, they could remove it from your phone without your consent? Well, the G1 has a kill switch as well. According to the terms and conditions, "Google may discover a product that violates the developer distributionagreement ... in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotelyremove those applications from your device at its sole discretion."

The instances, however, are a bit different. Not only is Google letting users know ahead of time, it is offering to do its best to recover users money in the event that an application is removed from the upcoming Android Market (their version of the App Store). Additionally, Google may have more of a need for such a switch, as applications are not vetted before they are placed in the Android Market. Of note, Google institutes a mandatory 24 hour application return period in which the user can return an application and retrieve their money back. Additionally, users can re-download an application as many times as necessary, just in case it is lost.

Source: Computer World via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

It has begun......

2. unregistered

more than likely people are going to hack this phone as well and turn off that switch just like you can with the iphone.

13. unregistered

i would like to buy this phone and switch it to cricket, now THAT would be a waste

3. unregistered

seems like you buy phone they tell you what you can do with it..Bunch of Bull!

4. cartman unregistered

don't all phones have a kill-switch, in some way? They can delete an application, or completely turn-off your phone. I have had my Sprint phone turn-off automatically for no good reason (even having calls disconnected). Can't wait to ditch em and go somewhere else.

5. unregistered

off subject but i got my bill from t-mob and an insert said that they will be limiting 3g access to 1gb per month. any news on this

14. unregistered

yeah in fact. Tmobile is the worst service, or did you not get the memo?

18. What? This room is filled wit unregistered

Yeah, so bad they had to hide behind the JD power awards they won!!!!(Wait, now does that make sense?) The memo said you know nothing and contribute nothing you pawn!!! Now.... The 1gb was there, but it was removed a long time ago. They wanted to keep the speeds up on 3g high as possible so they said they were going to do this cap, but quickly withdrew it. It is now back to unlimited, don't worry. oh and back to you..... Didn't you get that memo, now go back to being a hater, you no G1 phone having fool! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. unregistered


6. jrcrow unregistered

lol...Winblows!..umm..nuph said!! slow glitchy for end non tech users umm..did I mention..SLOWWW n gets SLOWERRR the more crap u pile on it!!

8. unregistered

For some reason I think your a little slow! Just a hunch, but lead paint chips had to be somewhere in ur past!

7. jrcrow unregistered

yah..they are limiting on Verizon's 3g access to like 5gig, then you will PAY FOR IT, as usual...get ATT n keep your minutes I did! E

10. vzw fanboy unregistered

its always been 5 gb limit and do you relaize how much that is? you would have to be download like movies on limewire! if you just go on websites and look at emial you will never get close to 5GB.

11. vzw fanboy unregistered

ps if you have gay&t and have leftover minutes, that means your already paying too much for a plan :-)

12. unregistered

limewire is hacked, used, and abused, and with a crap load of viruses. find something else, and who am i kidding. No go ahead and download from it, and get viruses, your not so smart. and get another job instead of being Verizon's bitch.

15. unregistered

wow arent you people slow. for one it wasnt always limited to 5 gigs 2 its called anit-virus a book 3 everyone has a 5 gig limit unless you want dial up speed t-mobile.....and yes i know they are switching their net around 4 gayt&t ......yes o yes it is

16. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol. how else would i get music? pay for it lol. i dont work for vz

19. Right? VZW FANoBOYS?!? unregistered

Coming from somebody named "Fanboy" Is that funny or what! And how can you give him a hard time when you have VZW. You pay more then anyone. You could talk about coverage and service, cause yes, they are good at that, but not price unless you like up the.....whoa do kids read this?

9. unregistered

The 24-hour return period is kind of dumb .. can't people just download a game they want, play it for a little while, and then return it?

17. unregistered

I don't download music for free......I don't even buy my cd's from target for $10.99, I go to fye and buy my cd's for $17.99 and go home and watch mtv cribs with the artists and they're 15 cars :)

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