Android Auto and Apple CarPlay expected to drive future auto sales

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay expected to drive future auto sales
Strategy Analytics is a company that provides analysis on the automobile electronics market (among other things). A recent survey and subsequent analysis by the company shows that drivers are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphone connection features in their vehicles. Specifically, users prefer mirror services such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Research suggests that drivers prefer these for ease of use and features. A large portion of drivers use these services for navigation and media consumption.

What is different about these systems compared to other entertainment or information options is that the mirror services seem to be more of a priority for prospective buyers. Normally, an entertainment system in a vehicle would rank lower when a buyer is considering a certain vehicle; it is more of a bonus than a must have feature. This study is finding that when it comes to people who use CarPlay or Auto, having this feature in a future vehicle has become increasingly more important

How does this affect manufacturers? 

Well for one, manufacturers that get on board with these systems will attract those who see them as a key feature. The study suggests that this is a growing category of buyers. Another key piece of information is about usability. An important issue was the integration of smartphone mirroring services. Some noted that poor integration in some vehicles really hampered usability. This can potentially affect sales since buyers will gravitate towards brands that have better integration of services. Since this is shaping up to be an important feature, manufacturers will want to place more focus on how well they integrate the system in their vehicles. We have seen a steady stream of new features being added into both Apple and Google car services. It remains to be seen how this growing market will affect sales in the coming years. 


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