Android 2.2 update will enable the Fascinate to download the official Google Search app

Android 2.2 update will enable the Fascinate to download the official Google Search app
Sure it's not too much of a problem to simply point the web browser on the Samsung Fascinate to Google's web site to search specific items with the popular search engine, but some would still prefer the convenience of using the official Google Search app to accomplish the same thing. Although there were some voices sounding off loudly about Bing search being the default search engine on the Samsung Fascinate, owners will eventually have the ability to download the official Android Google Search app once the handset is updated to Android 2.2 Froyo. However, no time line was mentioned when this would occur.

Alternatively, Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney said, “You can go to Google's home page and download an icon from that page and use Google as an alternative search option.” In addition, she mentioned that owners can even download and install “Voice Search from the Marketplace and when you use Voice Search, it searches in Google.” Yeah, there are obvious ways that you can get your Google search fix, but unfortunately, clicking the search button on the handset will always launch Bing – even after the fact when Google Search is installed.

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1. Destroyerbmx unregistered

work arounds for that search button, very easy, this war is fought in the arms race year after year, for every counter, there is a counter.

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