Android 2.0 makes an appearance on an HTC Touch HD?

Android 2.0 makes an appearance on an HTC Touch HD?
The HTC Touch HD showcases some impressive list of features to make it one of the titans in the Windows Mobile world – easily supplanting itself as one of the original premier handsets offering Microsoft’s platform. When the Nexus One was first announced, people were expecting it to rival the HD2 in terms of design form factor – specifically its massive sized screen. If you do own the Touch HD, you’d be surprised to know that someone was able to get Android 2.0 fully functional on the handset. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Windows Mobile handsets turned into Android, but what makes this unique is that the phone is working like how it should; being a phone. Meaning that the radios are functioning correctly, you can place phone calls, and send/receive text messages – something that is usually missing on other handsets that sport the Android touch instead of the Windows Mobile flavor. If you don’t believe it yourself, then check out the video that really shows you the real thing in action.

HTC Touch HD Specifications | Review

source: MobileOS News via WMExperts


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