AnTuTu visit confirms leaked specs for the HTC Hima (UPDATE: No disappointment after all?)

Earlier this morning, we told you about some leaked specs for the phone codenamed the HTC Hima (M9), which is the manufacturer's next flagship phone. We even showed you an image that supposedly is a press render of the device, but looks suspiciously like something drawn under the influence of some chemical. At the same time, we passed along speculation that HTC plans on unveiling the device as soon as next week at CES.

With a rather strange image of the handset for us to stare at, right now the specs are the most important piece of the puzzle. Based on a trip made to the AnTuTu Benchmark site, it would seem that most of the specs that we told you about this morning, have been confirmed with one possible disappointment The HTC Hima (M9) will apparently come to market carrying a 5-inch screen equipped a resolution of 1080 x 1920. This is a downgrade from the larger-sized 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution screen that had been bandied about earlier.

AnTuTu does confirm the use of a Snapdragon 810 to power the device, and also confirms that the Adreno 430 will be crunching graphics. One rumor that many will be happy to see repeated by AnTuTu, is the situation with the back and front-facing cameras on the Hima (M9). A 20.7MP snapper will adorn the back, while a 13MP "super selfie" shooter graces the front of the unit. 3GB of RAM is confirmed, and Android 5.0.1 is loaded on the phone out of the box.

Obviously, HTC is taking a gamble if it decides to go with a 5-inch 1080 x 1920 display. Part of HTC's problem is that with its current production cycle, it quickly falls behind the specs on newer handsets. You would think that the manufacturer would use the release of the Hima (M9) to catch up with other models. Still, the version of the handset that visited AnTuTu could have been a early prototype and the final production unit just might come with a QHD display.

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source: GizmoChina

UPDATE: By a huge margin, it would appear that our loyal readers are far from disappointed at either the 5-inch screen size, or the 1080 x 1920 resolution that the AnTuTu Benchmark site has discovered on the HTC Hima (M9). There has been speculation about a phablet-sized version of the phone for those who want a larger screen with QHD resolution. But such a device might have a limited release in Asia.

Now that this has been settled, we can focus on the 20.7MP and 13MP cameras expected to grace the back and front of this handset, respectively. Seems like HTC has been listening to its customers who have been asking the manufacturer to replace the 4MP Ultrapixel camera that has appeared on the back of HTC's last two flagship phones.

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