Amazon's Cloud Drive app gives smartphones users a three month-long taste of unlimited cloud storage

Developer: Amazon Download: Android, iOS
Category: Cloud storage Price: $5

It's hard to escape Amazon these days. Not that you really have to run from big A. It's a solid retailer and the quality of its network of services and products scores well beyond the average mark, even though the experience can get a little messy. Anyway, Amazon Cloud Drive is among said services, and in addition to unlimited storage, it offers a reasonably slick Android / iOS app to go along with it.

Sign up for a three-month free trial, or log in with your Amazon account, and the app will let you upload files and access all documents, spreadsheets, music, photos and videos stored inside the secure Cloud Drive storage. Like in other cloud services, your files remain accessible on all your desktop and mobile devices. However, the mobile app is limited to 2GB per file uploads, while the desktop app has no size limit.

The Cloud Drive app is refreshingly basic, featuring the basic functionality you expect presented with a straightforward interface. With it, you are able to preview document files, play stored multimedia content, upload and download files, organize them into folders, and share them as links and attachments.

Amazon's subscription is $60 per year for unlimited storage and just $12 for unlimited photos with 5GB for everything else. The Cloud Drive mobile app is free and available on Android and iOS.


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