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Amazon will reportedly hold a multi-day sales event in June with steep discounts

Amazon will reportedly hold a multi-day sales event in June with steep discounts
A new CNBC report suggests that Amazon will be hosting a summer sale on June 22 that will last seven to ten days.

The event, which is apparently being called the “Biggest Sale in the Sky,” is not an Amazon Prime Day substitute.

The Prime Day will still reportedly take place, but at a later date, sometime in September.

Amazon has seemingly started contacting sellers regarding a 'Fashion Summer Sale Event,' which implies its scope might be limited to fashion, beauty, and home. But then again, if it's the “Biggest Sale in the Sky,” it should logically include all categories. Participation will presumably be by invitation only.  Amazon was inundated with demand for essentials such as hand sanitizer when the coronavirus crept up. As a result, household items and medical goods became a priority. This caused duress for sellers who dealt in goods outside of those categories.

Consequentially, they protested restrictions placed by Amazon. It's believed 53 percent of the company's sellers were affected. 

Amazon's summer sale could be a win-win for itself, sellers, and consumers

With the rumored upcoming sale, sellers will get a chance to clear their inventories. Amazon will likewise get a chance to boost consumer engagement across non-essential categories ahead of the Prime Day. 

Per the report, Amazon wants sellers to submit discounts of at least 30 percent by tomorrow. The company is also supposedly finalizing the landing page.

It is not clear yet if the sale is only from Prime Day members. However, if Prime Day is still going to happen, it is likely that the summer sale will be open to everyone.

Amazon's operations have been slowly returning to normalcy. The summer sale would give the e-commerce company a chance to win back consumers who shifted to other outlets during the pandemic because of longer shipping times and product shortages.

There is also a threat that if Amazon doesn't hold an event in lieu of the Prime Day, competitors would scoop up the opportunity to capture an audience that has grown accustomed to Amazon's summer sale.

The company is reportedly on the precipice of losing market share. Stats already show that rivals Target and Walmart witnessed a double-digit increase in sales during the last quarter.
A good old sale is surely what it needs to rev up demand and inform customers that it's business as usual again.
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