Amazon shaves more off the Samsung Droid Charge - now at $179.99

Amazon shaves more off the Samsung Droid Charge - now at $179.99
Smashing pass the golden price generally seen with some of today’s top-notch smartphones, Amazon continues to shave the price of the 4G LTE packing Samsung Droid Charge, which is now set at the acceptable price point of $179.99 with a 2-year agreement for new customers.

Yup, that’s an additional $20 reduction from the pricing we saw back in late May, but nonetheless, we’d gather that it’s still appreciable by many people out there seeking out the smartphone. However, it’s worth noting that existing customers with qualified upgrades will need to shell out $199.99 for this one. Still, that’s far better than the smashing $299.99 cost that Big Red is asking for with them, but it’s great knowing that Amazon is of course throwing in free shipping with the purchase as well.

Considering all the lovely tech that it’s packing under the hood, the new $179.99 price point is easier to swallow for most people. Regardless, we’re confident that we will soon be seeing this one getting yet another price drop in the near future. But the question is, how soon and how much?

source: Amazon

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