Amazon officially adds in-app purchases to Appstore

Amazon officially adds in-app purchases to Appstore
Last week we reported that Amazon began testing in-app purchases made through the Appstore on the Kindle Fire. Now, Amazon has finally pulled the trigger on in-app purchasing through its Appstore for all Android users.

Amazon’s in-app purchasing feature isn’t very different from what we all are already accustomed to from other app publishers. It adds the ability to purchase add-ons and subscriptions from within the app without having to re-launch the Appstore itself. Amazon states that customers using the new in-app purchases will utilize its “seamless and secure 1-Click purchasing experience.”

Amazon will be helping itself to a 30% cut of all in-app purchases, but with the success of the freemium model on most mobile apps, the added revenue will most likely justify the cut going to Amazon. It is also worth mentioning that Amazon’s cut is on par with competitors such as Google and Apple.

source: Amazon via MobileBurn


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