Amazon is selling an unlocked white version of the Nokia E71 for $230

Amazon is selling an unlocked white version of the Nokia E71 for $230
As the Nokia E73 Mode is prepping for an eventual launch with T-Mobile, one of its aging predecessors is still garnering universal appeal as newer and more advanced handsets come to light. Almost reaching two years since it was first unveiled, the Nokia E71 may be considered as a dinosaur in the mobile industry. Actually, it's still quite a relevant handset due to its spot on quality design that stands tall to this day among Nokia's line of smartphones. Amazon is actually giving the handset some much needed love as they are selling an unlocked white version of the venerable smartphone for $229.99. Most US consumers wouldn't even have an inkling for the handset at that price when compared to the inexpensive subsidized offerings found on most handsets, but this is still a great deal when you see that its price is for something that doesn't require the signing of a contract. Amazon is also throwing in free shipping to make the purchase a bit less draining, but we'd imagine that the unlocked nature of the device will visibly appeal to a broader range of international travelers. You'd better hurry before this sale goes away because the handset is originally priced at $449.99.

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1. jrcrow79

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lol!...E73 is the better version

2. Me unregistered

LOL. I know this article is old..but Amazon never ever had the E71 at $449.99. That "sale" price is Amazon's list price, always. It occasionally dips under that, but that is the normal selling price for the E71 on Amazon. I bought mine for $200 a few months ago.

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