Everyone can do custom Alexa skills now, like your own family trivia game

Alexa is the gift that keeps on giving for Amazon, spearheading the smart home speaker revolution, and people are grabbing them in the millions to get access to the universe of "skills" that it offers for making daily life easier.

Amazon just one-upped its rivals by outing Blueprints - a process for creating custom Alexa skills if for some reason you aren't satisfied by the tens of thousands already out there. As a perfect example of what Blueprints can do, Amazon made an Alexa Developers video that shows you how to create a birthday trivia game. 

Harmless trivia competitions are a favorite family pastime in America, so what if you could do one involving the inanimate member Alexa, but tailored to your own family's history, traditions, and anecdotes. Sounds like a pretty big hit idea, and now everyone can do it by using Amazon's Skills Blueprints for Alexa. Interested? Hit the Blueprints site below, and start cracking at it.

source: Amazon


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