Alternate Facebook app Friendcaster gets major update

Alternate Facebook app Friendcaster gets major update
OneLouder Apps, developer of popular social media apps for Android like Tweetcaster and BaconReader for Reddit, just updated it’s Facebook replacement app Friendcaster to version 5.0. Why try out a non-official version? OneLouder points out that this app is entirely designed for Ice Cream Sandwich, which may lead to an experience some will prefer. Others might be concerned about potential Facebook privacy issues, although if uber-secret privacy is your biggest concern you may need to rethink your social media usage all together. Regardless of the reason, if the official Facebook app isn't really your style, this may be worth checking out.

Friendcaster 5.0 comes with a host of improvements that are almost too numerous to list. Almost. The list of new features includes:

  2. Beautiful new news feed
  3. Realtime notifications available for all
  4. Quick and easy setup wizard for notifications
  5. 6 color themes (with more to come)
  6. Higher resolution photos in your news feed
  7. Faster access to comment and like status updates
  8. Ability to tag more than one Friend at the time in a Post
  9. Memory improvements all-around.
  10. New checkins interface
  11. Quick access to post status update or photos/video
  12. Major Android design improvements
  13. Lots of little things all over the place

The official Facebook app is immensely popular, but over 3 million people have installed Friendcaster, so they must be doing something right. If you happen to be 1 in 3 million, or simply want to check out an ICS-optimized alternative to the official Facebook app, hit up the source link to give it a shot.

source: Google Play Store

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