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Alleged Windows Phone 8 GDR3 feature list leaked out

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Alleged Windows Phone 8 GDR3 feature list leaked out

A reddit post from earlier today from redditor I_SH*T_KARMA has shed some light on some of the new features that are to come with GDR3 for Windows Phone 8 users. With a fairly positive track record behind, we're a tad more willing to trust these may actually make it in the final build.

We're expecting GDR3 to hit newer WP8-power devices first at some point in September. That would be a definite change of pace, seeing as it hasn't been long since we first got wind of eligible devices getting updated GDR2. A source for The Verge claims that this is because Microsoft wants the new goodies finalized “for a new large-screen Nokia device announcement”. We can't help but feel that this has some connection with Nokia's “next major launch later this year” that CEO Elop mentioned during the unveiling of the Nokia Lumia 1020

So lets get onto the good stuff:

source: Reddit, The Verge

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