All the talk turns into nothing as Zer01 vanishes into thin air

All the talk turns into nothing as Zer01 vanishes into thin air
Remember the wireless company called Zer01? Well some of you might remember the name as it first made news exactly a year ago with the promise of offering unlimited voice and data services for a mere $70 per month – something that now pales in comparison to the voracious appetite that postpaid providers seemingly attack with their always falling unlimited plan offerings. Things started to unravel as it partnered up with another firm called Global Verge which seemingly started the ball for Zer01’s undoing – it was later found that Global Verge’s executives were alleged in being implicated with pyramid scheme operations. Soon afterwards, the thought of ever seeing the service go live started to dwindle with each passing month until everything just suddenly stopped recently. The once fledgling web site has now passed on as users are now being redirected to Google’s web site – indicating that things have finally gone cold and dark for the once enterprising company with big dreams of making it big.

source: Zer01 via Phonescoop



1. corporateJP

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Wasn't this one of Bernie Madoff's investment opportunities?

2. MistyFRYE unregistered

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