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All Google related apps go down and up, down and up

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All Google related apps go down and up, down and up
The power goes off on NBC's Revolution
It might be a tough Monday morning for you if you rely on Google for all of your services. Applications like Gmail and Google+ have been alternating between working fine and failing. Over here, we received a 502 error message trying to load Gmail and could not load Google+ on our Android handset. By 12:25pm EST in the U.S., all Google services were back online.

Did any of our loyal readers experience problems logging into Google-branded applications on Monday? Are you able to access the services now? Drop us a comment in the box below and you might want to mention which services aren't working for you. And that nervous chuckle you just made makes us wonder if you've been watching too many episodes of  NBC's Revolution.

source: AndroidCentral

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