After months of beta testing, Mozilla makes Firefox for iOS official

After months of testing, Firefox finally arrives on iOS
We are not "Browser Police", but if you aren't using Chrome or Opera on your PC, chances are that you are a fan of Mozilla's popular Firefox. While all of the aforementioned trinity are available on Android, Firefox's absence from the Apple App Store was a glaring omission. Well, that's no more - Mozilla has finally released an iOS version of its browser, after months of beta testing the app.

But why didn't Mozilla release Firefox on iOS long ago? Backstory time: Apple won't approve a third-party browser to the App Store if the latter does not use Apple's own WebKit engine. Unfortunately for Mozilla, Firefox relies on its in-house Gecko engine, which is equal to a "no-no" from Apple. So, the developer was on the fence with two options before itself: either fully embrace WebKit or stay away from the App Store.

It seems that the former option has been chosen to be more beneficial, and lo and behold, Firefox is now openly available for just anyone with an iOS device to give it a spin. Well, you still need to have iOS 8.2 or newer on your device, but judging by the adoption rates for Apple's mobile gadgets, that shouldn't be a problem. Additionally, the browser is optimized for the recently-launched iPad Pro from the get-go.

Feature-wise, Firefox for iOS has a large arsenal of features. Private browsing, Firefox Sync, and "visual tabs" are just a few highlights that could be found in the feature list of Mozilla's spic-'n-span iOS browser. Of course, it's free to download and use, so don't hesitate to give it a try. 

Download: Firefox (iOS | Android)

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