Ad blocking Safari extensions for iOS 9 will hit Google where it hurts

Ad blocking Safari extensions for iOS 9 will hit Google where it hurts
Apple is including a feature to iOS 9 that will allow developers to write an extension that will block mobile ads and more. While the tech titan didn't mention this during WWDC, a user will be able to pick up an add-on for Safari from the App Store. Installing this extension will allow users to block ads, cookies and other content from websites viewed on an iPhone or iPad. With 90% of Google's revenue coming from mobile ads, this could be construed as a shot across the bow with Apple hitting Google right where it hurts. The majority of Google's mobile ad revenue comes from ads viewed on iPhones and iPads.

Besides hurting Google financially, Apple is believed to be offering this feature as a way for iPhone and iPad users to take back control of their own iOS experience. And if cookies are blocked, newspaper sites that give you a limited number of free articles to ren thead each month, like the New York Times, will keep thinking that each visit is your first. One set of ads that won't be touched is Apple's own iAds since those run over the OS and not via a web page using HTML or JavaScript.

Keep in mind that this will not be available by default. Apple is merely allowing this to happen and it will take a developer to write the actual ad blocking app that you will install on your iPhone or iPad. As the old saying goes, an Apple a day keeps the mobile ads away. And while this might be great news for iOS users, it might not be so good for mobile content providers whether it be games, news or other content.

source: Apple via NL, BGR

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