According to an analyst, WP7 launch is a success, may lead to head-to-head battle with Android

According to an analyst, WP7 launch is a success, may lead to head-to-head battle with Android
According to the prominent Wall Street analyst Charles Wolf of Needham & Co, the launch of Windows Phone 7 was a success and this may lead to a head-to-head battle between Microsoft's new mobile OS and Android. If this happens, Apple is expected to be the big winner.

Reports are that Windows Phone 7 is not selling well and that iOS and Android are going from strength to strength. That doesn't stop this analyst to see the first month of WP7 as encouraging and to remind us that Microsoft has a marketing budget of $500 million that would "buy the support of the leading smartphone manufacturers."

It is widely speculated that the iPhone is coming to Verizon in 2011 and Wolf argues this would be a massive blow for the green robot:

"Android benefited from the absence of the iPhone on the Verizon network, because the carrier spent heavily to promote the platform as an alternative to the iPhone. Android effectively moved into a vacuum created by the implosion of Windows Mobile."

This, along with the fact that both Android and Windows Phone 7 share a similar model (Google and Microsoft use multiple manufacturers for their handsets as opposed to the Apple/RIM model of producing its own devices), means that if Windows Phone 7 enjoys a long-term success, it would be Android that would suffer the most:

"It's difficult not to conclude that the Android platform will be impacted more than any other operating system because of the similarity of the two licensing models."

What's your opinion on this report? Does it seem viable to you that Windows Phone 7 may prove to be a worthy foe of the green robot, giving the number 1 spot to Apple in the process or this is just a Redmond-inspired wishful thinking?

source: Computerworld via WP Central



11. cornerofthemoon

Posts: 620; Member since: Apr 20, 2010

I personally don't care for the android platform. I find that it's easier to navigate on iOS and Blackberry. I haven't had a real chance to play with Windows Phone 7 being married to a Sprint contract but I'm hankering to give it a try. I'm inclined to like it since I really dig the interface of my Zune HD. My 2 cents, G

10. DanTMan unregistered

I think the analyst that made this presumption needs to put down the crack pipe and stop jumping to his mailbox looking for the check from Microsoft he's obviously getting. Come back to reality sparky, just because Microsoft has dumped a ton of money out to AT&T in advertising and paid off countless "analysts", does not mean the general public is excited about the WP7 products. I have seen all the US based devices currently available, and they leave a lot to be desired. This Included a platform that can actually be used for things other than what Microsoft deems acceptable to their standard. That's the joy in the Android platform, they don't want to be "Apple" and control who can use their product, they actually want everyone to use their product and be happy with it. Microsoft only wants you to have what they think should apease you. If Microsoft truly wanted to endear the public with their devices, they would actually have apps that people would want. Not 25 different versions of a flashlight or calculator. How about some apps that are already available on both Apple and Android devices and are quite popular. Microsoft's stubborness is the reason they are 2 years behind the market demand and losing ground everyday. Hence the 300,000 Android device activations daily!!!

8. maccmill

Posts: 67; Member since: Oct 29, 2010

The iphone being on other carriers will probably help android and WP7 more than hurt them in the long run, when people see the dual core beast android phones that verizon is going to offer side by side with the iphone, lets face it, its gonna look pretty meager. I think this is why AT&T has held off on carrying any android phones that can really compete with it, it would lose its mystique. With that said, WP7 is too boring, it has a long way to go to reach the pure level of entertainment offered by android or ios.

7. Bizmodiz

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 12, 2010

Cell phone technologies have taken off like a rocket ship in the last two years. Just look at the 'discontinued' phones page right here on phone arena. Who would have thunk we'd have hdmi, HD, video talk etc. two or three years ago? To say that WP7 is 'in trouble' or won't be able to compete or even out do Apple or Android doesn't take into account what is presently being developed by any number of innovators today which could benefit WP7. There are enough factors at play to make the competition between the three major OSs a fairly difficult to game to predict. Market trends, consumer interest and demand, apps, software, technologies such a processors, cameras, and hardware, all are subject to change and improvement, all of which can in some measure make the 3 OSs fly or falter. WP7 has to fight it's way into the hearts of the consumers but the tools that are available to Microsoft to accomplish that mission these days are make it easier to do than at any time before. The question is not whether they can do it, it's HOW. Among the arsenal of technologies that are available for use which one's will they choose to optimize consumer attraction?

6. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

This article does make sense. If wm7 gains more success, it is android that's going to lose some market share. And since the Apple iphone is a niche product, it will just continue to grow. Loyalty and satisfaction surveys do prove this. Iphone users are reported to be satisfied with their iphones compared to android users, while loyalty surveys show that iphone users will likely stay with their iphones and will upgrade when the next iphone comes out. Users switching phones will likely be between android and wm users, leaving the iphone somewhat unaffected by the rise of wm7 devices back into the big players. I have no doubt that wm7 would be gaining more market share. It's ui is indeed simple and friendly, and its responsiveness is I think smoother and better than android devices.

5. Mr.Snapdragon

Posts: 5; Member since: Nov 26, 2010

WP7 phones came in a little too late and ontop of that they (windows base phones) have had a ba history. The way people have felt is that windows is not very innovative. Apple is a status symbol and the Droid is its opposite. Ying and yang baby.

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Dude, I need to figure out how to get a job as an analyst. I mean, it seems like these guys can just say anything and people will be published... iOS and Android aren't going anywhere. It doesn't even matter if a better operating system comes along. iOS has Apple behind it and Apple is a status symbol. They also make a really amazing handset. Android will not be defeated by Apple or any other mobile OS. Manufacturers will always choose Android because, quite frankly, they don't seem to care what kind of hardware specs you have on your phone. Heck, they don't even care if you make Android look different. Pay your license and move on. Same as Windows...which even after all those problems...still is the number one computer operating system. The only thing that is going to stop Android is Android. If people get tired of their low or mid-ranged smartphone not being able to do the same things as the high-end models, they may go to iOS since it isn't as fragmented (and I know Android lovers hate that term, but let's be honest, you get a different experience on each handset and it leaves end users to be savy about the phone they are buying...which the vast majority are not). Think Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7 probably won't be a major player unless Microsoft buys Apple and Google. People don't trust Microsoft on their handsets anymore. Plus, why buy them when you can have what everyone else is getting or the status symbol? Windows Phone 7 is an awesome phone. I carry one along with an iPhone and with some updates, the phone is going to be epic. But I think it's too late to introduce a new operating system. Especially at a time when it's not needed...

1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

After spending time with windows phone 7 I can totally see that. It's an amazing platform. And if it evolves even half as fast as android it'll be a huge competitor. Even right now the first iteration just feels 1000x's easier, funner, and better than android. Hopefully the third party app support will be there. If so, then android has a lot to worry about.

2. Droid X Doug unregistered

Ummm, where are the WP7 handsets located in the Verizon stores? In the 3 stores that I checked out this past week, the WP7 handsets were in the back with the BlackBerry models. I suspect the location is a good measure of how Verizon sees the future for WP7. I bet the Verizon iPhones won't be at the back of the stores.

3. Dicrism unregistered

WP7 is not available in CDMA form yet, so you must be talking about the old Windows Mobile 6.x phones...... which I don't blame Verizon for trying to hide.

9. Moosekillerwithfarts unregistered

Carriers build there inventory before selling devices so there's no telling. The HTC 7Trophy is rumored to be avaliblr in January so that would'nt be a big surprise.

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