AT&T’s Pantech C810 is dual-slider

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AT&T’s Pantech C810 is dual-slider
Nowadays it definitely isn’t easy to keep a new cool device in a secret for long and often information leaks much before the official sources say something. This is also the case with the Pantech C810 Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition smartphone, which will come from AT&T. Amazon posted images of it before it has been officially announced by either Pantech or AT&T. Although there is not much information, the posted price is of $180 with 2-year contract. For it, one will get a dual-slider 3G (UMTS) phone that opens vertically for standard numeric keypad and side-ways, for a QWERTY. This is the form-factor used in the Helio Ocean and a few other phones (Samsung F520 for example) and we expect it to get more popular in the future.

We will post more information as soon as there is some. If you have something to share, feel free to email us!

source: Amazon via EngadgetMobile



1. ANU unregistered

i love this pone once it comes out, does anyone know when its going to start being sold in the store?!

2. Nancy unregistered

Can't wait for AT&T to come out with this. They must be preparing a bunch of new phones 'cause you can get most free after rebate except for like 6 phones that you still have to pay for.

3. Dillon unregistered

i just got mine today! its great

4. Chelsey unregistered

Is it fat like the enV? Hope not..

5. unregistered

this phone is phi

6. Sharymal unregistered

Hello am using Pan tech C810 but its display strip broken can some one guide me where i can pan tech accessories from

7. Sharymal unregistered

looking for pantech display strips if some knows can let me know @

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