AT&T's Palm Pre Plus expected to make a splash on May 16?

AT&T's Palm Pre Plus expected to make a splash on May 16?
The day is almost nearing as a GSM version of a webOS smartphone is about to take its first breath here in the US on AT&T's lineup. Well beyond its one year anniversary of being unveiled to the community, the Palm Pre Plus is looking to soak in as many customers it can as a leaked internal document points to the date of May 16th as being launch day. The nationwide roll out will be watched with intent eyes from upper management as we will see how the handset is able to make a splash to the starved webOS customers on AT&T. Although there is now a date attached to its release, pricing for the handset has yet to be made known – but it'll be interesting to see how it'll go down when factoring in Verizon's recent price drop for the handset. Additionally, there was no mention in the leaked documentation if AT&T's Palm Pre Plus will also carry the Mobile Hotspot feature that's currently being offered for free on Verizon's version.

Palm Pre Plus Specifications | Review (CDMA)

source: Engadget

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