AT&T's 4G LTE signal now covers more than 150 million Americans

AT&T's 4G LTE signal now covers more than 150 million Americans
AT&T crews had a busy week, lighting up 24 new markets with its 4G LTE signal. Major markets like Denver, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Daytona Beach and Pensacola, Florida now offer data speeds as much as ten times faster than 3G speeds. Smaller markets that now receive AT&T's 4G LTE signal include Twin Cities, Minnesota; Provo, Utah; York, Pennsylvania; Anne Arundel County, near Annapolis, Maryland; and Fairfield County near Danbury, Connecticut.

All together, 150 million people can now access AT&T 4G LTE and that is twice the number that could access the carrier's speediest service last year. By the end of next year, that figure is expected to rise to 250 million people and hit 300 million people by 2015. As of today, the mobile operator covers 103 markets with LTE.

AT&T continues to trail Verizon in the number of markets it covers with LTE. Big Red's 4G LTE signal reaches into 440 markets, covering more than 250 million people although the carrier did have a huge head start. AT&T does have a comfortable lead over Sprint. That carrier just started building out its LTE pipeline in June.

source: Electronista
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