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AT&T to change data plans on January 22nd

AT&T to change data plans on January 22nd
Starting this Sunday, AT&T is revising its offerings of data plans. If you are already using one of the older plans, don't worry about the new options unless you want to make a change as you are grandfathered in. But be forewarned. Once you make a change, you cannot go back. The only plan that remains is the 250MB tablet plan for $15 a month.

The new plans for smartphone data give you 300MB for $20 a month with the AT&T Data Plus 300MB, 3GB for $30 a month with the AT&T Data Pro 3GB, and 5GB for $50 a month with the AT&T Data Pro 5GB. The latter plan includes access to mobile hotspots/tethering. Those needing an extra GB of data can pay $10 for it on the latter two plans while AT&T Data Plus users can buy an additional 300MB for $20 more. Once a plan is chosen, AT&T will send out reminders when a customer has used 65% of his allowed monthly data, with two other warnings to come when the customer gets closer to his allowance.

The new tablet choices are one with 3GB for $30 per month called AT&T Data Connect 3GB, and one offering 5GB for $50 a month called AT&T Data Connect 5GB. As we said, tablet users can still select the 250MB plan for $15 a month.

To calculate how much data a month you need, you can check out the carrier's data calculator by clicking on the link.

source: AT&T


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