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AT&T sued by D.C. over unused minutes on calling cards

AT&T sued by D.C. over unused minutes on calling cards
Remember that nice family on those AT&T commercials? You know. the family where the Mom is ever vigilant about not throwing out those round, orange AT&T leftover minutes because they are as good as new minutes not used? Not every person keeps track of exactly how many minutes he/she has leftover after every month, especially those that purchase pre-paid calling cards. In the industry, it is expected that 5% to 20% of the total value of each card will go unused and is called "breakage". The carriers see these unused minutes as a gift that they feel entitled to. Washington D.C.'s district attorney is suing the carrier, seeking the return of these unused minutes for those whose last known address was D.C. and who haven't used the card in 3 or more years."AT&T's prepaid calling cards must betreated as unclaimed property under district law," the attorneygeneral's office said in a release.The unclaimed property laws have been used in the past to recover unused portions of gift cards, by states and municipalities. Unclaimed property, by district law, is to be returned to the state after three years. AT&T had no comment.

source: Reuters via Engadget


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