AT&T presents VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions at CTIA 2012 – POS platform for the modern retailer

AT&T presents VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions at CTIA 2012 – POS platform for the modern retailer
Waiting in line at a store is no fun, as all of us would agree. Thankfully, smartphones are on their way to facilitating the checkout procedure at retail outlets, and that is precisely what VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions from AT&T is made for. Think of it as a tool that transforms an iOS device into a POS instrument, with which sales assistants can process credit card transactions right there on the shopping floor. The technology has the potential to eliminate queues in outlets that adopt it, which will result in a more pleasant shopping experience for the customer.

The platform is flexible enough to allow customization to the needs of each individual retailer. At the same time, it is smart enough to instantly provide information about other products that the retailer is offering, should the customer request it. In addition, the tablet variant of the VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions takes advantage of the device's display real estate and can provide product information accompanied by rich multimedia content, such as videos and digital catalogs. 

Retailers that are interested in VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions from AT&T are free to request further information about it from the carrier starting today. For more details, we have embedded the press release below, so do not hesitate to check it out.

source: AT&T


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1. vvelez5

Posts: 623; Member since: Jan 29, 2011

what is different about this than Square or any other app that provides credit card payments? Not saying it's a bad idea or a bad product but would there be a reason most retailers would adopt this over Square's payment system?

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