AT&T prepares its network for a new iPhone?

AT&T prepares its network for a new iPhone?
Here’s a fact – about a half of the data traffic AT&T manages comes from the iPhone users. Aside from this, according to an unofficial source, the carrier is about to introduce the next model of the series this summer. Another rumor supposes that if this actually happens, AT&T will have to handle about 10 times more data traffic than it currently does. Because of this, AppleInsider is quick to remind that AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega has said the company has the potential to upgrade its 3G mobile data network significantly: “we have the infrastructure capability to go to 7.2 [Mbit/s], and we'll have the capability to go 14.4 and 20 in the next couple of years, so I think there's coverage we're going to improve, there's quality we're going to improve, and there's speed that's also going to get improved” says the CEO. Well, having in mind those unofficial predictions, this better be true.

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source: AppleInsider

The new iPhone is now officially announced - you can check the Apple iPhone 3G S Specifications here.

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